Monday, October 18, 2010


For the next month we will have some wonderful people staying with us ok, more like on our front lawn in their motor home but you get the idea. Their names are D and C (first intials) though my dad has known D most of his childhood and has been keeping in touch with him, no one else has met him till march this year. Well I had, he came to my school to speak to my indonesian class (ok it so my class was my friend and I) but I didn't really know him or the fact that he knew my father so well! When we met him in march he mentioned that (apart from the fact he was getting married in may) that he and his wife C would be traveling around australia and speaking at a variety of schools so of course dad mentioned if they needed a place to stay we would be more than happy to put up with them. So that is why they are camping out the front of our house!

They arrived late saturday afternoon and hit it off with them immeadiatly. So we ended up chatting to them till late that night and finding out about all their adventures. C has a younger brother who has Downs Syndrome so Megan and her get along very well which is good considering how Megan can be :). So what will the coming month bring? I don't know but I do know it will be fun!

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