Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Birthday

Today is my baby sisters, JC's 12th birthday. I can not belive how fast she has grown it seems like only yesterday she was brought home from hospital and I was so exited to see her when I came home from kindy (yep and now I only have one year till I graduate high school!). She has grown up to be the complete opposite of me in more ways than one: Her room is always clean- mine is manageble most of the time, she listens to Hannah Montanna and Miley Cyrus- where as I can't stand them! I listen to Glee- she can't stand them! she likes lollies I like chocolate, she loves her nintendo ds I love my ipod touch (though she did get a nano today so thats something!), You get the picture?! Complete opposites.

But I still love her!


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