Saturday, October 16, 2010

10 things that I have done today!

I beginning to like lists and like the fact they are such a easy blog post! So here are 10 things that I have done today!

  1. helped out at my schools open day!
  2. ran out of phone credit.
  3. got 3 chooks.
  4. downloaded an awesome (free!) app for my ipod touch that lets me use it as a remote for itunes can't wait to be able to use it at parties!
  5. laughed.
  6. drank diet coke.
  7. named my (toy) orangutan from malaysis Pongo! He is awesome :)
  8. watched Glee :)
  9. gone on facebook!
  10. Started reading a book about a mistreated horse (it's a biography so far so good!)

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