Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ugly Talk

A while ago I wrote a post called 'Ugly Days' writing about days when you just feel 'ugly'. But sometimes we just don't have 'ugly days' we have 'ugly talk' which is when you look in the mirror and say or think to your self ' I am fat', 'I am too tall', 'I am too short' or some times even 'I am ugly' and what ever else you can think of to insult yourself.
But here's a reality check; you would feel affended if someone told you these things so why is it right for you to call YOURSELF these things?! Sure we can think and say these things to ourselves but it doesn't mean its true!
I know many girls who wear make up on a daily basis all because its 'cool' but the truth is it's to cover up their 'faults' I know for a fact many boys find too much make up horrible sure a little lip gloss and eye shadow is fine but a thick layer of foundation? Thats over kill!
A while ago I was on facebook chat talking to one of my guy friends and he asked what I had been up too, so I told him I had bought a new make up kit, his response " why did you buy it? Girls look pretty without make up" this shocked me! But in a good way! Since that conversation I have only worn make up if I am going somewhere nice like a restaurant or a party even then its only enough enhance my features! I mean I always wear lipgloss as it makes me feel confident! The fact is one day you will feel beautiful with out make up and till then just wear enough to make you feel beautiful without covering up the real you!
So next time you give yourself a 'ugly talk' just remeber you are beautiful in and out! I enjoy listening to music when I write my blogs and recently I have been listening to What's Beautiful by Everlife its a great track and it says everything and more I have been trying to get across in this post :) Operation Beautiful

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