Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The future . . .

Last week the year 12s graduated so that means instead of being the 2nd oldest we are the oldest! This is a scary thought, it now means we are the big ones of the school the year every one looks up to, the year that has waaaaaay more responsibilitys, the list goes on. Its strange from the moment you enter high school you dream of being the 'big kids' but when your time comes you get cold feet. I know we should be exited and we are but we are also scared of what the future will hold. Next year we graduate we leave school, we leave what has become such a big part of our lives for the past 12 years, its when we enter the big world and make our own decisions. I admit I haven't thought much of the future I mean I have ideas of what I want to do in the future (who doesn't?) but I haven't mapped it out (yet . . .). To me I am still the girl who loves Glee, used to play Barbie dolls, has a display of littlest pet shop in her room (they are cute!), aces computing class, reads waaaaaaay to many books, loves pink and green and annoys her sisters. My identity has been largely based on the school I go to and who I hang out with at school. But what happens when I don't go to school? I'm not sure and too be honest I don't think I want to know!

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