Saturday, October 2, 2010

The PERFECT ball gown!

Last post I spoke about how I was looking for the 'perfect' ball gown, well today I found one! It was the right price, colour and style. Ok so it wasn't the colour I had imagined (royal blue) but it suited me!
The lady was very helpful and was able to give us advice and also tell us what styles were 'in' (yes I know my ball is next year but she was able to tell us ball gown styles only slightly change from year to year) and also how to wear my hair and what jewelery to wear (she had a daughter who had her ball recently so she knew about all the expenses).
I would love to show you what my gown looks like but I would like it to be a suprise. But I can tell you it is dark purple (it actually suits me!) and is strapless the rest will have to be up to your imagination!

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