Friday, October 1, 2010

Ball Gowns

Its hard to belive that next year I will be in my final year of high school! Next year will be filled with memories,responsibilty,friendships,making choices about my future oh and my year 12 ball! The Ball for every girl is the social event for their high school years I mean THE SOCIAL EVENT! Sure it may be next year but the fact is every girl (including me) in my year is thinking about it and people are already trying to organise limos (who cares?) ,dates (I'm undecided about THAT aspect!) and dresses. Which leads me to major problem at the moment most girls (ok quite a few) have already bought or ordered their dresses and well I am stuck I mean I have looked but I have had no luck with finding the 'perfect' gown.
I sometimes wish I was like cinderella and with a wave of my fairy godmother's wand would I would have the perfect gown , shoes, bag , jewlery, and while we're at it prince charming would be nice too!
I mean I have tried on a few gowns but the only thing that had suited me has been the colour (royal blue, my skin tones werid! I look good in orange ( I can actually pull it off!) and fantastic in blue!). The rest of the dress has been either too tight,too loose or just looks bad on my body shape! So tomorrow I am off to do a morning of dress shopping fingers crossed I find that I like and is the right price!

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