Friday, October 15, 2010

10 things I can smile about! :)

Every Friday I will 10 reasons I have smiled :) about that have happened during the week!
  1. Tomorrow we are getting Chooks (chickens!) for the past 2 weekends dad has been working on building a chook house and he completed it last weekend which means this weekend we can get chooks! We have decided on their (we will be getting 3) names which will be: Queenie, Princess and Dutchess ( who is mine the other 2 are my sisters). We decided on their names, as this morining dad told us we each got to name one. My little sister Megan chose to name her chook princess and we wanted them all to match so I came up with Queenie and Dutchess. So as you see we have a regal theme going on!
  2. I passed two assignments with flying colours in computing (one was worth 50% of my overall grade!)!
  3. 2 of my blog posts: 'Ugly Days' and 'Ugly Talk' have been tweated by operation beautiful as they loved them!
  4. There are only 4 more weeks left of school for me! Well then I have one exam :)
  5. I have laughed sooo many times this week!
  6. I got compliments on my hair, when I did nothing different to it which was a nice suprise!
  7. Next month my grandparents (dad's dad and stepmum) are coming over to vist us, which will be nice as we haven't seen them since I was 10.
  8. I got my sisters their christmas presents, so now I just have to get mum and dad theirs.
  9. We finally had some rain! Breaking our 30 or 40 something day dry spell!
  10. This is my 60th blog post! :)

Have u smiled this week?

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