Friday, October 22, 2010

10 things that have made me smile this week :)

10 things that have made me smile this week:)
well for starters this week has been average nothing interesting has happened but I will try my best to list 10 things:)
  1. we have chickens.
  2. I have had a few decent nights sleep.
  3. I will graduate high school in a year!
  4. Dad bought me an itunes card ( I was going to pay for it then he insisted!)
  5. I missed out on school today because I had an excursion.
  6. I have supported 2 charities today (breast cancer foundation and RSPCA)
  7. I got paid today.
  8. I managed to catch up on the Glee episode I missed as I was out.
  9. Tom has been an awesome cat (so has Maddy ninjah cat!)
  10. Mum let me borrow some money to buy phone credit ( I was out!).

ok this week has been good :)

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