Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hot happenings

Its been getting awfully hot around here thankfully our air con is working well so I have reclaimed my spot on the couch right where one of the vents hit me and not moving! Alfie hasn't been coping the heat well either he tends to play around in the early morning then as soon as it gets hot he comes in and sleeps until 5.00pm/6.00pm and then he's out to play again (or to stalk the chickens or whatever else he does). I thought because he was found up north (where its hot all year round and gets extremely hot in summer) he would be fine with the heat but no he hates it! Of course this means that he is more likely to sit on a chair near me or want cuddles under the air con so now complaining from me :)
Tomorrow is going to be cooler which will be nice, as we have a church picnic near the river after church. Today we went to a school fete where the other pastor chaplains at and we only lasted 40 minutes before the heat forced us to go to a nearby shopping centre to get relief!
I have been really slack with posting how my job search is going and the truth is its not. I have had 2 interviews one I thought I did really well at but didn't get it and another where I knew I couldn't cope working there, the interview was 5 minutes long and it was the worst interview I have ever had it was pretty much them telling me if I got the job what would be expected of me and that was it nothing about my experience or what I am like as a person so I walked out knowing that it wasn't the job for me. Also what is it with companies emailing you to tell you don't have the job?! I am seriously over that, if you make an effort to get dressed up and prepare for an interview they should at least call you to let you know you don't have the job. It just doesn't leave me with a good impression on how the company deals with confrontation. Sorry but if I do something wrong or aren't acting right ect I want to be told and I can take criticism and apply it. To me its no big deal, I want to know what I can improve on when it comes to work and if I get an email telling me I didn't get the job I feel like I can't ask for feedback unlike over the phone where I can.
So I am honestly praying for a job before Christmas. All I want for Christmas is a decent job and my 2nd phase of my learners driving permit that's it if I get those things I will be happy. I know God has set aside the perfect job for me its just a matter of finding it. Both my parents have found their perfect jobs so I know God has a perfect job for me out there.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Spreading my wings

For my 15th birthday I received a charm bracelet from my parents over the years charms have been added, a cat which represents my love of cats, a sea shell that reminds me of where we go camping as a family every year, a snowflake that my best friend Gem got me one year at Christmas, a butterfly, lady bug and 2 dragon flies which all represent me being born in spring, a sweet 16 charm which Gem got me for my 16th, a thong (or flip flop) which my Mum got me as they are her 'thing', a fish because of my last name, a 3 leaf clover that Gem got me to bring me luck, a heart with a keyhole in it as keys are my 'thing' and most recently I got myself a flying dove which represents peace which is what my name means and also as I like to say I am learning how to fly. Each charm means something and the bracelet tells a story, I can tell you when I got each charm, who gave it to me and what it means. Sure some of the charms I need to get soldered on but when they are on the story will grow as will the bracelet.
The bird also arrived soon after I got a text from my psychologist asking how I was and I spent an hour wording the reply to her because there were so many things she needed to know and I didn't want to leave out a detail. The reply I got made me smile she told me how proud she was of me and how she knew I would get to where I am if I believed in myself and that if I continue to believe in myself I can do anything, she ended with if I ever needed help with managing my anxiety I knew where to find her but she doubted I ever would.
I am finally spreading my wings and realising what I am capable of and it feels amazing.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Childlike faith or faith like my Grandma?

In the Bible it talks about having faith like a child (Mathew 18:2-4 ) but no where (as far as I know) does it talk of having faith like an old person. My Grandma is slowly dying, she has dementia which is linked to Parkinson's Disease she is forgetting things and is having trouble recognising people, she can barely walk and is in pain at times but throughout this she still trusts God. Its amazing to see that she has this amazing trust on God even though she knows she won't get better and that she will only get worse. She still prays and though she can't read the bible when we read it for her she enjoys it. When she first started getting Dementia she would have trouble remembering the days of the week and we would often get phone calls asking if tomorrow was Sunday and if one of us was going to pick her up for church. She couldn't remember any other day but she knew that on Sundays she had church.
She watched as my Grandfather died from terminal cancer all while trusting in God, she taught scripture when I was younger at local schools, started the kids program at the church she and my Grandfather went too which is still going to this day, she ran bible studies and did whatever she felt God needed her to do. She and my Grandfather were missionaries over in India and both my Mum and Uncle were born there the only reason they came back was because my Uncle was getting sick.
Recently as she has been going down hill though she doesn't often make much sense she has been saying some Godly things such as: "When we first get to Heaven I think we will spend 10 years looking at his toes." and when we left her the other week (at the nursing home she is at) we told her to be good and not get into any trouble and she said "It's ok I am just hanging with Jesus as he can never leave me." I mean half the time she has no idea what she is saying but she can come out with these amazing bits about God.
Yes we should have childlike faith but at the same time I want faith like my Grandma never doubting God and always trusting him 100%