Monday, November 11, 2013

Spreading my wings

For my 15th birthday I received a charm bracelet from my parents over the years charms have been added, a cat which represents my love of cats, a sea shell that reminds me of where we go camping as a family every year, a snowflake that my best friend Gem got me one year at Christmas, a butterfly, lady bug and 2 dragon flies which all represent me being born in spring, a sweet 16 charm which Gem got me for my 16th, a thong (or flip flop) which my Mum got me as they are her 'thing', a fish because of my last name, a 3 leaf clover that Gem got me to bring me luck, a heart with a keyhole in it as keys are my 'thing' and most recently I got myself a flying dove which represents peace which is what my name means and also as I like to say I am learning how to fly. Each charm means something and the bracelet tells a story, I can tell you when I got each charm, who gave it to me and what it means. Sure some of the charms I need to get soldered on but when they are on the story will grow as will the bracelet.
The bird also arrived soon after I got a text from my psychologist asking how I was and I spent an hour wording the reply to her because there were so many things she needed to know and I didn't want to leave out a detail. The reply I got made me smile she told me how proud she was of me and how she knew I would get to where I am if I believed in myself and that if I continue to believe in myself I can do anything, she ended with if I ever needed help with managing my anxiety I knew where to find her but she doubted I ever would.
I am finally spreading my wings and realising what I am capable of and it feels amazing.

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