Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Just a Random Recap

I haven't had much inspiration lately when it comes to blogging, but as a lot has been happening in my life I thought I would do a random recap.
  • We have adopted another cat. Her name is Bella, she is one years old and very fluffy (she is a medium haired cat). She has settled in really quickly but is taking time to adjust to Alfie and Maddy. When I'm at home I spend a lot of time dealing with her and Alfie, but there is hope that they will become friends eventually just not in the near future. The photo of her really doesn't do her justice, her tail is so fluffy which makes me want to put a bow on it.
  • The job market is finally picking up, which means I am applying for at least one job a day compared to one job a week (God willing I will get a job soon!).
  • I haven't driven since my failed test, I don't really know while but I think subconsciously I wanted a while to recover, so thinking tomorrow might be the day I finally get behind the wheel again. I got another set of L plates on Friday so we are keeping one set in my Mum's car and another set in my Dad's car as the new learners is similar to a drivers license and doesn't require another form of ID to validate it (it has my photo, birth date, address ect on it) so it means as long as its in my purse I can drive. The old learners was paper which was bulky and required another form of ID with it.
  • According to my employment agency I seem to be more focused, I have no idea what would make them think that but my last appointment wasn't a disaster. Mum thinks its because she is making me take fish oil (4 tablets a day no less!) to help with my concentration, as sometimes I 'switch off' when I am driving.
  • It rained today!!! I actually needed to break out my umbrella today when I was walking to the bus stop to catch the bus to go to the shops (a DVD I had pre-ordered had come in and I needed a few other things), which was nice. I am looking forward to winter, mainly because I have a new pair of boots that I got at the end of season sales last year that I am dying to wear. I haven't even taken them out of the box yet (they only cost me $20 and are in a style that suits me).
  • A while ago I slipped a note into one of my favourite books when I was at the library, I wrote a short message along with a few other books I thought they would like and my email address. It had slipped my mind until a week or so ago and a day after I had thought wondering if someone had discovered it or not, I got an email from a girl who read it :) it turns out we have a bit in common (she is a Christian too!) so hopefully this is the start of a good friendship. I intend to do it more and see if I get anymore emails :)
I hoping that in the coming weeks inspiration will strike more and this blog won't sit vacant for days at a time :)

Friday, March 14, 2014

Just keep driving

This past week has been really tough, I'm not going to lie and I am happy to have made it through it alive. On Wednesday I had my 3rd driving test, now to be honest I have been keeping really quiet on the whole driving test thing as I didn't want to get my hopes up and then have them crushed and go through telling me that I failed the test (I did tell some people in person but I didn't put it on Facebook or anything) but on Tuesday I decided that I would tell people that I had a driving test the next day this turned out to be a blessing as when I failed it for the 3rd time I had a support network.
I honestly thought that this time would be it I would pass it I hadn't been up coughing since 3.30am like with my first attempt and it wasn't Christmas Eve afternoon like the second attempt, I felt prepared and ready but of course my anxiety decided that it would be the perfect time to flare up. I freaked out couldn't breathe and could feel an anxiety attack coming on but of course when you are driving its hard to do your breathing exercises and avoid a car that was parked on the road and of course the tester had to grab the wheel which meant I failed after 15 minutes. Which meant I had a full blown anxiety attack I felt shattered and stupid, why my anxiety decided to flare up that minute I do not know but it cost me the test (and my parents $200). When I got home my dad hugged me and said that it didn't matter and there was always next time. Both my parents also once again reminded me that due to my anxiety and Dyspraxia (just google it, its too hard to explain and its not like Dyslexia in the slightest) things will always take me longer to do and that's fine. My dad and I sat down and decided that next time (which is on the 30th of April - I wanted a good 6 weeks to get myself prepared and refocused) it will be at a different centre, not with my driving instructor and in my Mum's car because we both think a change of scenery is needed.
Thankfully today and Thursday were better days! On Thursday 2 of my unemployed friends came over for lunch and it was nice chatting to them about life and what was going on, on the work fronts for us. I am hoping to make this a fortnightly thing as there is 6 of us at church who are unemployed and young adults so it would be good catch up on a regular basis.
Then today I met with a high school friend for lunch and some browsing and next week we plan to see Vampire Academy (she hasn't seen it and I want to see it again plus I have a free movie ticket to use up). Which was great, we try to see each other monthly but over Summer we kinda lost touch so it was to see her again.
Tomorrow is looking at being busy but fun as we are going to adopt another kitty cat from the Cat Haven, to join our crazy family. We want a 6 + month old to add to our family but we have no idea what personality or type we want, its normally the cat the chooses us. Maddy and Tom chose us many years ago and Alfie chose us (or me, he kept staring at me until I met him and by that stage he had wormed his way into my heart and my Mum's heart!) so it will be fun to see who we end up bringing home. Of course it has to be a semi crazy cat as Maddy likes to scale screen doors for fun and Alfie loves bells and chasing balls around the backyard.
I have also applied for a few jobs this week so it appears that the job market is picking up (finally!) so God willing I will have some interviews soon. 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Movie Review: Vampire Academy

Today to escape the heat I decided to head to the movies to see Vampire Academy, I had read the books ($30 for all 6 books on Kobo and I couldn't stop reading them which meant 3 weeks of me with my head in the books and I am considering re-reading them in the very near future as soon as I finish the current 2 books I have recently downloaded) and loved them. I hate Twilight, I tried to read the first book and fell asleep while I was reading it but this isn't Twilight its as far away as you can get from Twilight while still involving vampires.
I pre-booked my ticket online (I didn't need to as there was only 10 people in the cinema including myself) for the 11.00am session grabbed a Diet Coke and some chocolate (pre-bought as the food at the cinema is a daylight robbery) and went in with an open mind. I am one of those fussy people when it comes to turning books into movies and I get that its impossible to turn a book into a movie word for word but some things need to stay the same or similar. They nailed the actors gotten to play the characters and the setting while also keeping the plot line as close to the book as possible. Apparently Richelle Mead worked closely with the directors and script writers and it shows.
Lucy Fry (who you will recognise from Lightning Point and Mako Mermaids and I adore her) plays the role of Lissa Dragomir perfectly and is everything you imagined she would be in the book and more. Zoey Deutch (who you will recognise from Beautiful Creatures and a cameo in Switched at Birth where she plays opposite her actual mum) plays the role of feisty and loyal Rose Hathaway perfectly and its hard to believe that they would ever consider anyone else to play Rose. The rest of the actors they got to play the rest of the characters are spot on too. The setting is amazing and regal like while also keeping an element of darkness and mystery too it just like in the books.
The plot will keep you on the edge of your seats regardless if you have read the books or not. You will laugh at some parts and feel the emotion of the characters on the screen. I loved how they showed Rose connecting with Lissa and going into her head and Lissa almost reaching breaking point. The special effects were done really well and looked really realistic. Honestly the I couldn't (majorly) fault the movie and can't wait for it to come out on DVD so I can re-watch it again and again
I am hoping they make the rest of the books into movies as if this one is any indication they will be good too! Even if you haven't read the books be sure to see the movie if you are in need of a good action chic flick.