Friday, March 7, 2014

Movie Review: Vampire Academy

Today to escape the heat I decided to head to the movies to see Vampire Academy, I had read the books ($30 for all 6 books on Kobo and I couldn't stop reading them which meant 3 weeks of me with my head in the books and I am considering re-reading them in the very near future as soon as I finish the current 2 books I have recently downloaded) and loved them. I hate Twilight, I tried to read the first book and fell asleep while I was reading it but this isn't Twilight its as far away as you can get from Twilight while still involving vampires.
I pre-booked my ticket online (I didn't need to as there was only 10 people in the cinema including myself) for the 11.00am session grabbed a Diet Coke and some chocolate (pre-bought as the food at the cinema is a daylight robbery) and went in with an open mind. I am one of those fussy people when it comes to turning books into movies and I get that its impossible to turn a book into a movie word for word but some things need to stay the same or similar. They nailed the actors gotten to play the characters and the setting while also keeping the plot line as close to the book as possible. Apparently Richelle Mead worked closely with the directors and script writers and it shows.
Lucy Fry (who you will recognise from Lightning Point and Mako Mermaids and I adore her) plays the role of Lissa Dragomir perfectly and is everything you imagined she would be in the book and more. Zoey Deutch (who you will recognise from Beautiful Creatures and a cameo in Switched at Birth where she plays opposite her actual mum) plays the role of feisty and loyal Rose Hathaway perfectly and its hard to believe that they would ever consider anyone else to play Rose. The rest of the actors they got to play the rest of the characters are spot on too. The setting is amazing and regal like while also keeping an element of darkness and mystery too it just like in the books.
The plot will keep you on the edge of your seats regardless if you have read the books or not. You will laugh at some parts and feel the emotion of the characters on the screen. I loved how they showed Rose connecting with Lissa and going into her head and Lissa almost reaching breaking point. The special effects were done really well and looked really realistic. Honestly the I couldn't (majorly) fault the movie and can't wait for it to come out on DVD so I can re-watch it again and again
I am hoping they make the rest of the books into movies as if this one is any indication they will be good too! Even if you haven't read the books be sure to see the movie if you are in need of a good action chic flick.

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