Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Just a Random Recap

I haven't had much inspiration lately when it comes to blogging, but as a lot has been happening in my life I thought I would do a random recap.
  • We have adopted another cat. Her name is Bella, she is one years old and very fluffy (she is a medium haired cat). She has settled in really quickly but is taking time to adjust to Alfie and Maddy. When I'm at home I spend a lot of time dealing with her and Alfie, but there is hope that they will become friends eventually just not in the near future. The photo of her really doesn't do her justice, her tail is so fluffy which makes me want to put a bow on it.
  • The job market is finally picking up, which means I am applying for at least one job a day compared to one job a week (God willing I will get a job soon!).
  • I haven't driven since my failed test, I don't really know while but I think subconsciously I wanted a while to recover, so thinking tomorrow might be the day I finally get behind the wheel again. I got another set of L plates on Friday so we are keeping one set in my Mum's car and another set in my Dad's car as the new learners is similar to a drivers license and doesn't require another form of ID to validate it (it has my photo, birth date, address ect on it) so it means as long as its in my purse I can drive. The old learners was paper which was bulky and required another form of ID with it.
  • According to my employment agency I seem to be more focused, I have no idea what would make them think that but my last appointment wasn't a disaster. Mum thinks its because she is making me take fish oil (4 tablets a day no less!) to help with my concentration, as sometimes I 'switch off' when I am driving.
  • It rained today!!! I actually needed to break out my umbrella today when I was walking to the bus stop to catch the bus to go to the shops (a DVD I had pre-ordered had come in and I needed a few other things), which was nice. I am looking forward to winter, mainly because I have a new pair of boots that I got at the end of season sales last year that I am dying to wear. I haven't even taken them out of the box yet (they only cost me $20 and are in a style that suits me).
  • A while ago I slipped a note into one of my favourite books when I was at the library, I wrote a short message along with a few other books I thought they would like and my email address. It had slipped my mind until a week or so ago and a day after I had thought wondering if someone had discovered it or not, I got an email from a girl who read it :) it turns out we have a bit in common (she is a Christian too!) so hopefully this is the start of a good friendship. I intend to do it more and see if I get anymore emails :)
I hoping that in the coming weeks inspiration will strike more and this blog won't sit vacant for days at a time :)

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