Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ugly Days

Every Teen girl has days when they feel ugly, days when they wish their body was completly different, days when long to live like *insert name of celebrity* and days when they think nothing looks good on them.
As a teen girl my self I know what it feels like, there have been days when I have wanted to lock myself up as I have felt so ugly. But then I have good days when I feel confident myself and even *gasp* beautiful! Its strange how compliments can affect you when I was 12 someone told me I looked 16 (!) and how grown up I looked this made my day! It also makes my day when people my own age tell me how pretty I look as I consider the way I dress different to kids my own age- but then I don't follow trends. But saying that I have also been called names such a 'grandma' because of the clothes I have been wearing (but I have been complimented on the exact same outfit!). I have many clothes in my wardrobe and sure I wear them all but there are a few things I wear when I feel 'ugly' that let me see myself beautiful! These include:
. My demin shirt dress- I LOVE it suits me perfectly and whenever I wear it people compliment me on it. This alone makes me feel beautiful.
.My year 10 formal dress- Maybe the fact that I tried on many dresses before I found it ads to the reasons why I like it so much but it suits me in more ways than one and the style means that it will always be in style ( and I will make sure I WILL beable to fit in it!).
.My ball gown- I love every thing about this dress also the fact that it makes me feel like a princess. I can't wait to wear it to my ball and the fact that me and Mum agreed on it and she loves it too makes me love it even more!
. I also have a variety of tops I love to wear and they suit me perfectly too!
But often when we have those 'ugly days' its hard to get out of them! But here are my tips (tried and tested!);
. Put on one of your favourite outfits and go out with friends even if its just to the movies!
. Paint your nails in a bright shade.
. Bake a cake and decorate it then share it with your family and friends.
. Go for a walk as well as getting your self out the house you get fit too.
. Listen to music listen to anything just makes sure its happy (feel free to dance and sing along too!).
. Eat chocolate.
. Call up one of your friends and have chat about anything, the weather, boys, your siblings anything just talk!!!
. Watch a funny movie or tv show (Glee is a good tv show as you can laugh AND sing AND dance along! (Try the lady gaga episode it is hilarious!))
. Write a letter too: your grandma, cousin, sister (it they live in the same house post it! They are guarnteed to love getting male from you!), best friend! It doesn't matter if they live 10 minutes or 10 hours away everyone loves getting mail!
Finally IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! If anyone else thinks otherwise they are stupid :)
Operation Beautiful

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