Sunday, December 5, 2010

10 things that put me in a christmassy mood!

Christmas is coming! Everyone has their own traditions that put them in a christmassy mood! So here are 10 things that put me in a christmassy mood!
  1. putting up the tree, ours is up, we put up on the 1st of december (mainly because mum wouldn't let us put it up any earlier!)
  2. Listening to christmassy music, I don't normally do it, but seeing as Glee (my favourite tv show!) has released a christmas album, I have been enjoying playing the album when ever I can, actually it's what I'm listening to right now!
  3. walking through the shops and seeing all the decorations up. I am a shopaholic and this year I have to admit the decorations are beautiful! All silver and white with snowflakes so elegent not the traditional (and over done) red and greens!
  4. wrapping up christmas presents, I do it normally as soon as I buy the presents!
  5. going christmas light spotting, we normally do this on a hot night, and drive around its so much fun!
  6. watching christmas special's on tv, ok this year I am very happy as Glee are doing a christmas special thus the christmas album.
  7. singing christmas carols at church, it puts me in a christmassy mood imeadiatly!
  8. giving out christmas cards, I love seeing peoples faces when I hand them a card.
  9. getting christmas cards, the mail isn't just about bills now!
  10. reading christmassy books, even though I am a teenager I love reading stories based at christmas time!

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