Tuesday, December 14, 2010

a suprise :)

I love suprises, maybe thats why I love giving people presents, but today I got a suprise actually so did my mum and sisters!
It all started out when last night, I was feeling kinda depressed as my best friend, Gem was in town, and due to me forgetting to charge my phone and keeping it on vibrate I had somehow managed to miss all her calls and resulting in us not being able to catch to do our present exchange. She told me she was going home this morning and it would be too hard to catch up (she had her step brothers graduation to go to).
So life went on, I helped at a luncheon with a friend being a waitress (sort of) and helping dry dishes. But towards the end of the luncheon, I got a text from her saying she had missed her bus and that she had a whole afternoon to kill and could she come over. So of course I said yes, she then asked me if my mum could pick her up from the train station, but there was a problem mum was having lunch with a friend so I told her I would get a lift to the train station and catch the bus home with her (she couldn't really figure it out, not that I blame her busses can be confusing!). This was no problem as the person who I was getting a lift was driving by the train station any way.
So we caught the bus and were walking back to my place and we here a car come up behind us and toot, it was of course my mum and younger sister, who were very suprised, as I had forgotten to tell my mum I mean I knew she would be more than happy about it so why bother ruin the suprise?
I mean this made my day and I am sure it made my mum and sisters day's too!

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