Sunday, December 26, 2010

Size 8 doesn't fit every one!

Did you know Marilyn Monroe one of the most beautiful people in the world was a size 14? I know I didn't!
I hate it how people think they have to be a size 8 to look good! I mean hello? Not only is that unrealistic for alot of girls it is also stupid! I know many girls who are beautiful who aren't size 8! I am one of them!
I mean what is it with the extra small- extra large size index? I mean the extra smalls won't fit an 8 year old so why do they stock them in the teenage section! Where as the large will fit a size 12 girl perfectly! There is no logic to this! Why do girls purposely buy a size smaller than they know will fit them right! I mean please don't buy a small if you can't breathe in it, if you know you are a medium, it will only embarrass you in the long run! Why can't there be an international size index instead of various sizing methods it would be alot easier for girls and women an example of this is that a size 12 in Australia is a size 8 in America no logic!
I don't care what people think about what I wear as long as I am comfortable in it and it suits me, I am happy! My Mum has always taught me to dress modestly as that way I will always be comfortable and confident with what I wear. Thanks to her all my clothes fit perfectly and I always feel confident in what I wear!
So next time you think about starving your self remember size 8 doesn't fit everyone!

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