Sunday, December 19, 2010


I'm a procastinator, I mean sure I get things done, but sometimes I cannot be bothered to do things! I mean right now, I should be reading a book on getting my learners permit but seriously I read one chapter and it was so boring! But I need to get my L's and I realise that I won't wake up one day and I will magically have the permit but honestly whats the hurry? I mean sure I know people who have gone for their L's on their birthday, but me? Forget that I have all the time in the world! One of my closed friends, still hasn't got theirs and its been 6 months since she can!
Then there's homework, I am one of the people whom if they can do the assignment in class they will. I mean seriously school work should stay at school, I mean Hello? I have a life and homework is the last thing on my mind! Sure I don't leave my homework to the last minute, cause thats just stupid! But I still put it off for days!
I mean before facebook you have to admit procrastinating was hard but now with facebook its easy peasy!
So I better go and read chapter 2 of this extremly boring book . . .

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