Thursday, December 16, 2010

School report

As of now my 2 dear sisters are on holidays which equals happy Mum (knowing dad he won't realise till christmas time!).
Also today I got my school report and I am very pleased about my grades ( I did a happy dance when I read the results!) 3 A's (top grade) and the rest B's ( 2nd highest grade) so as you tell I am VERY HAPPY! But with the report came my booklist sure no big deal, but it said Year 12 booklist, which was then hit me, I will be a year 12 next year, next year is my last ever year of high school! And I have to admit I am kinda scared about it but in a good way :)
It also came with details about the ball which I am soooooo exited about! I have my dress and jewlery and yesterday I bought my shoes (Which I love! they are the perfect height for my dress! They had to be kitten heels, otherwise my dress would have had to have been taken up.).
But heres the thing, I don't have a date not that it bothers me as such, more along the lines that it bothers my father (not sure how? He has already suddgested a guy which I told him flat out no) and a few other people. But I'm not sure, I mean ye there is a guy who I would like to take, but for starters what he says no? I mean we are friends, so what do I have to loose? I'm just not sure I want to take that risk ( a little help here?). Plus he is a few years older than me!
I guess I will just have to wait and see, I mean I have 2 months to ask him so maybe it will happen?

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