Sunday, December 26, 2010

a recap of christmas!

I had a great christmas! I ate ALOT of food, caught up with family and I might've gotten a teensy tiny bit spoilt! I mean sure I didn't get any massive presents such as ipods and laptop etc but the gifts I got I loved ( I actually LOVE the fact that my parents never spend alot of money on me and my sisters as we learn to be thankful for what we got and learn how to save up for things! And I don't care if my best friend got the latest ipod touch as the camera uses up a lot of space and I saved up for mine so it means alot more to me!)! I always get spoilt by my cousins and this year was no exception, I got a lovely handheld mirror, a really nice hair clip, chocolate, money, cake decorating book and french perfume! From my parents I got a new suit case ( I asked for a new one as my old one is rather small and I always end up taking 3 extra bags along with my suit case which is a pain!), a beach towel and a few other things. I also got a gift voucher for my local christian book store which I can't wait to spend!

But the one thing that drives me mad is that christmas is so comercialised! I mean honestly my parents don't go over the top with presents and that is a good thing as the real meaning of christmas isn't left behind that way!
So I hope every one had a good christmas!

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