Friday, December 31, 2010

10 things I have enjoyed in 2010!

The year is coming to an end! And though I am sad that it is, here are 10 things that I have enjoyed in 2010!
  1. My year 11 camp! As much as I was dreading it, it was alot of fun and I wouldn't have missed it for the world!
  2. I turned 16! My party was success and I have enjoyed every minute of being 16!
  3. My parents returning from Peru, though I hated them going away (me and the baby sitters didn't always see eye to eye), I loved them returing it also made me appriciate how much they do for me!
  4. My school river cruise this was the perfect end to the school year and every one who went on it enjoyed it!
  5. A certain ping pong ball fight at a friends 19th, I really enjoyed it and will always treasure the memory. But I do have one question who won?
  6. Watching the final episode of Glee for season 1, I loved how everything tied in at the end of the season and it was well the worth the wait to watch it (channel ten did this thing when they only showed one episode of glee every 2 weeks instead of 1 a week.)
  7. Having our friends C and D stay with us for a month, it was a great time and we enjoyed every moment with them! We miss them heaps though we have spoken to them on skype its not the same!
  8. Passing all my subjects and getting either A's or B's!
  9. Camping at the begining of the year down south, I had loads of fun and made some awesome friends, who I can't wait to see in just under a week! I also loved climbing over rocks and learning how to find small crabs it was loads of fun!
  10. Everything I haven't mentioned this year though it had some hard spots in it was a great year!

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