Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Saving (part two)

A few posts ago, I mentioned saving and how I manged to save for an ipod touch (which I LOVE) well today let me tell about a few things that can side track your saving and solutions on how you can avoid these things!
Mobile phone credit- this is one thing that I always seem to need! The good thing about the phone company I am on is that $15 credit doesn't expire for 6 months instead of the normal 1 month. I have taught myself to beable to live on around 40 cents for weeks on end if I have too, this is quite easy I only text my friends who are on the same phone company as me (virgin) as the texts are free and keep reminding my parents that I can only text back in emergencies, this works out well until I can afford credit.
Books- I LOVE books and I often find myself wanting to buy them, of course books are expensive but here is tip: wait around 6 months after the book has come out the book will have dropped in price from $5-$10 also wait around until after christmas when they have the 20% book sales. Also try and get books from websites such as the book depository this is a site that gives free shipping to anywhere in the world and the books are often waaaay cheaper than they are in the stores example; the new hunger games book that comes out in a month pre order from your book shop around $25 from the book depository $10! That is a massive saving of $15!
Clothing- most teens love clothes shopping, and it can cost a bomb! But here is a tip look in second hand stores you can easily find brand new items for a fraction of the cost.
Entertainment- Movies, CDs, video games this all falls down under entertainment. At most cineamas you can get discount cards though they cost money they save you heaps in the long run, also hire out movies and have your own movie night, as with CDs and video games borrow off friends and family members.

So what am I saving up for now? The Perth Royal Show!

Good luck with your saving!

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