Wednesday, July 21, 2010

:) and :(

It seems to me that I can be a bit 'slack' when blogging like I will go through a time when I blog heaps then I kinda stop for awhile -.- so today I have decided to write a list of good and bad things that have been happening! Here goes:
I won an award for computing, I aced this past semester (all b's and a's), I bought the ipod touch that I have been saving for :), I finally finished the display shelf for all my littlest pet shop, the season finale of Glee rocked!, I finally downloaded all the music I have been wanting onto my ipod, I can get my L's (first stage of getting my licence) soon!
Bad: there is one month till my parents go to peru for 3 weeks, because of the fact that my parents are going to peru I have sorta relapsed into my nail biting habit (its getting better) :(, I now wake up to one of my cats looking at me (glaring), all my favourites from Masterchef are eliminated, Glee is over and won't be back on until spring (september is when the dvd comes out!), and to top it all off THERE IS LESS THAN A MONTH UNTIL MY PARENTS GO TO PERU!!!!!!!!!!!!
So what I am going to do to make myself survive the fact that my parents are going to peru? Four things: MLIA, Mini M&Ms, Bubblewrap, and Glee!

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