Saturday, February 20, 2010


Glee is a tv show that has taken the world (ok well America, Canada and Australia) and is watched by millions!
I LOVE Glee but what is it about ?
Glee is about when a spanish teacher decides to take over the glee club (think choir but different) thus resulting in massive changes and a complete makeover of the club. It starts out with just 6 students but then slowly it gets bigger. Chuck in a competive cheerleading coach, romance and whole lot more you get Glee! The music is great not to mention the acting and the scrip it is over all a great show!
Who should watch glee? well I'm really not sure, I got dragged in to glee as one of my friends (amazingly who is a guy) Andrew got me to watch an episode and I got hooked. But if you love High School Muscial you would like this! before I go here are few songs that they have remixed and are well worth listening to! Volume 1:

  • Don't stop beliving.

  • No air.

  • Keep holding on.

  • Dancing with myself.

  • Somebody to love.

Volume 2:

  • My life would suck with out you.

  • Don't rain on my parade.

  • True Colors

  • Smile (charlie chaplan)

  • you can't always get what you want.

So check these out on itunes if you want!

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