Sunday, January 3, 2010

The sugar doll award 10 things about me!

Amanda from Amanda Musings ( has given me the sugar doll award! So I have to tell you guys 10 things about me ok here it goes:

  1. I have always had cats since I was little, the cat (floyd) who I have grown up with got put down almost a year ago then we got 2 other cats (from the cat haven) to replace him Maddy is a small calico who always gets into mischeif! Tom is tabby/ginger who is a sook and is very verbal. Then one night Peebo a stray came to us he is a russien blue and likes to slink around at night.

  2. I enjoy listening to music at night before I go to bed when I'm stressed or can't sleep. Lately I have been listening to Brit Nicole's the lost get found and the Jonas Brothers lines,vines and trying times.

  3. I read books this is proboly why most people think I am a geek as I read heaps! I have enjoyed reading Dewey (who I lent out to a friend at church) which is about a cat and library, Cleo- a cat who helps heal a family, Erynn mangums books are really good, so are alyssa brugmans! I have just started reading harry potter and have just finished reading twilight (which I didn't really enjoy!). I also read the bible.

  4. I am a christian I have been raised in a christian home my dad is from a non christian background where as my mum is from a strict christian home. I am currently reading ephesians when I have time.

  5. I daydream heaps! I day dream when I am bored or when I go to sleep, it can be about anything from me dating (and sometimes being engaged or even married!) Nick (the youngest Jonas brother) to me being on the tv show GLEE, it all depends on my moods. I also make up opening chapters of stories that I may write one day!

  6. I would LOVE to be an author one day! I currently have 2 ideas in the works -which I won't tell you about as they may come to nothing! I have to feel a story before I write it, it may seem werid but it's true! If I can't feel it, it won't work out. In english I have been caught tearing pages from my english book during assignments all beacause I couldn't feel the story!

  7. I want to get married young! It may seem strange but I really do! I see people in their early twenties happily married and I want that to be me one day.

  8. I want to work with kids with disabilities one day! It is my dream to be a child care worker or helping out kids who are disabled. My sister has down syndrome so to me that is what I want to do!

  9. I collect charms. I got a bracelet for my 14th birthday and I get charms for birthdays and christmas ect! I have heaps My favourite ones are a snowflake which I got for christmas from my child hood friend Gemma and a small thong (flip flop) charm from my mum went she went a way for a couple of nights with a friend.

  10. I have got 2 childhood friends who I call my sisters! Gemma is a friend who I met when I was 1 when we moved to australind and we have stayed friends even though I have moved back up to perth! Rebekah is a friend who I have know forever but have only recently became really close since she began coming to our church, we have everything in common and can tell each other about everything and anything! I have rang Beck in tears when my cat Floyd died last year and we just sat there and talked for ages!

  11. (just a quick one promise!) I LOVE to cook I cook heaps and according to Beck and her mum (auntie Lea) I will be the next doanna hay! I love cooking cupcakes,cookies and I can cook really good chicken pie and potatos:)

Ok I am not really sure who I will give the sugar doll award to next, but when I do I will post it here!

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Amanda said...

Excellent, that was very interesting to read. I hope you do become an author one day!