Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lamington slice

Lamingtons are great aussie treat which you can buy anytime of year though they are most popular around Australia day (which was yesterday). The one time I attemped to make Lamingtons they turned out a disaster (I didn't use an electric mixer) but since then I have found a recipe for lamington slice (it was in sunday times a few years ago by Donna Hay) and I tried and it was a sucess! The only difference between lamington slice and plain lamingtons is that the slice isn't coated in icing in fact u pour on the icing once you have cut the sponge so around each slice it is almost fudge like. Each year I make this (its a tradition for me) and it freezes really well perfect to put in lunchboxes (if theres any left). I submitted this recipe to an American blog website called cake spy and it got published! So here is the recipe: so give it go!

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