Tuesday, January 19, 2010

werid sandwich fillings!

Today My parents were both out which left me and my sister jocelyn (my other sister megan was out!) to make our selves lunch and we both decieded to try some werid sandwich fillings these were:
  • sugar - we had no sprinkles and jocie thought this was the next best thing!
  • mini m&ms grilled tasted like nutella only yummyier.
  • cambert (it had garlic infused in it) with french onion dip really nice *note this was grilled!

these are some that I came across on the internet but haven't yet tried!

  • vegemite with lettice.
  • vegemite with salad.
  • snickers and mars bar grilled on bread.
  • avacado on peanut butter toast.
  • bananna and peanut butter.
  • bananna and honey.
  • sardines and cream chesse toasted.
  • cheese and apple.
  • cheese and strawberry jam.
  • peanut butter and tabasco.
  • mayo and bananna.

have fun trying all these!

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