Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yesterday was one of oldest friends birthday! HAPPY SWEET 16TH GEMMA! So this meant finding a dress to wear to her birthday party (which is on the 30th) now for an average girl this would be easy but I am not an average girl! The theme was bright colours so that meant no blacks or whites so off to target I went!
I tried on 3 dresses there that I liked first one was a maxi type dress but it didn't suit me, 2nd one was a multi coloured dress and I couldn't work out the straps at all! and the 3rd dress was one that I kinda liked only it was a bit to reavealing so off to garden city!

We decieded to avoid k mart and wander down the 'up market strip' where they have kookai, petter alexander and all the up market posh shops! we went into a shop (I have forgotten the name) and we looked at the sale rack (every thing else was about $300!) so I tried on one that made me look like waaaaaay older than I wanted to be! The next dress was one where I couldn't work out the straps this was really complicated as it was a halter neck but we couldn't work out how the 'halter part' worked! So we headed to sports girl and espirit and we couldn't find a thing we eventuly went into a new store called forever new which I found the perfect dress its black at the top but the bottom is fluro pink and purple! Its really nice and just right (it cost $80)!

I think life is like dress shopping u try on many different types (and styles) in different colours and when you find the one you like it feels just right! We shouldn't stress about the small thing!

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