Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Maddy and Tom

Tomorrow is my 2 cats b'days - well its been a year since we got them the only reason I am writing this today is because I will proboly forget tomorrow!

Maddy and Tom are 2 (out of 3) of my familys cats whom we love too bits. We don't know much about their backgrounds as we got them from the cat haven (in shenton park) all we know is Maddy was found wondering around with her collar under her left armpit and had a massive wound (it is still healing but it hopefully will be fully healed soon) and the person who found her works at the cat haven and brought her straight in the local paper ran a report on her too. She is a small mischeif maker and loves her bikkies! Tom was found wondering around and a lady brought him in from the looks of him he was once very fat (he has a huge flap of skin under his tummy) and was obviously brought up on a gourmet diet (he has been known to turn his nose up at alot of food) he loves playing around and he has a few favourite toy mice.

Maddy and Tom get along ok but they still have fights but overall they get along well. Though they each have their favourite people Tom loves anyone but he's a sook for Dad and he loves to sleep on my bed on cold nights. Maddy loves Mum and longs for attention she hates being kissed but tolerates hugs!


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