Saturday, November 6, 2010

Christmas is coming!

Christmas is in the air how do I know? Well lets see here are 10 reasons I know christmas is coming:
  1. I got an email from my area co-ordinator the thursday saying that the paper rounds well get bigger and on friday we got a $36 round which is our biggest this year and our biggest ever on a weekend.
  2. the shops have christmas decorations up.
  3. the credit cards are already getting a good work out.
  4. many stores are getting out their christmas catalogs ( I should know I deliver them!).
  5. you can buy christmas badges at coles.
  6. I have spent the last 2 hours making ginger bread to give to my teachers at school which will go in christmas tins.
  7. the christian bookstore has christmas cards out (how do I know? Mum bought some).
  8. my Mum is already talking about the ladys christmas night at church.
  9. Its november which means there is just over a month till christmas.
  10. I am being asked what I want for christmas!

Yep I am pretty sure christmas is coming!

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