Wednesday, November 24, 2010

To send or not too send that is the question!

I know if anyone is like me they hate sending christmas cards. I mean isn't it quicker to send a christmas email? And then once if you have decided to send christmas cards its all about what about the design! Do you go for traditional or religeous? Do you send a newsletter in the card? What about photos, I mean do you include just one or many or none at all? I mean seriously its looking very tempting to just fire off an email instead of taking time and effort which you can't really afford too at the moment.
Of course don't get me started on christmas presents! I mean if you come from a family like mine you have a few dozen relatives to buy for and that doesn't include family friends and various other people who you need to buy for on top of that!
But thankfully there is a solution! And its only a click away Shutterfly has made sending christmas cards and finding the perfect gifts alot easier! With a few clicks you can create great photo cards and photo calenders that your family and friends will love! Plus they are all priced well so everyone is able to afford them!
I cannot wait to be able get a closer look at the amazing designs and pick some to send to family and friends (it doesn't hurt that we got new family photos a few weeks ago)
So please head on over and check the cards and calenders! I can promise you won't be disapointed!
* Bloggers can sign up to get 50 free cards from shutterfly by clicking on this link!

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