Friday, April 9, 2010

6 year olds acting as teenagers

The other day I was at my friends and we were watching music videos on foxtel and we began discussing how girls as young as 6 were dressing like teenagers and acting like them ( I have heard of alot of 8 year old girls who have mobile phones as well!). The conversation then turned toward the music video we were watching which was 'Rude Boy' by Rhianna and how it was such a catchy song but how the lyrics were bad ie 'Tonight I'm goanna let you be the rider' seriously I'll give u one guess as to what that meant SEX!!!!! Seriously though people blame the stores and the parents for supplying the clothes and allowing girls to dress like that but they are only doing it because of the demand for the clothes if any one should be to blame it should be the music and movie industry.

The amount of music that features sex as the topic is huge! The lyrics are crap but the actual music is catchy which equals as top music hit which is really crap most people just listen to music with out listening to the lyrics. Movies are the exact same in the fact they make hidden references to sex in general which very few people pick up. Take the hit movie 'Avartar' for example its a great movie but there is still refernce to sex to become partners they must sleep before Eywa the forest's god though they don't show much of the actual scene you can still tell it happens. This for many wrecks the story line and for others makes it.

Parents are not as aware of all the 'sex refernces' in the media and have become immune to it alot. Parents aren't fussed with what their children read or watch and many young girls have read the 'twilight' books and seen the movies. The books (and movies) have many sexual references in the last book bella gets pregant (what I want to know is how seeing as edward has no flowing blood I don't see how he can get an erection). Seriously though the twilight books are aimed at teenagers and girls as young as 8 have read them! The whole reason why the twilight books are popular is because they have hot vampire and a hunk a spunk werewolf and invole alot of romance I know many girls who belive Edward Cullen is a real person and so is Jacob (which is seriously pathetic!).

Many people have proven that to be successful you do not need any sex refernces and only a bit of romance here and there. Take Taylor Swift for example yes there is alot of romance in her songs but no sex refernces, same with the Jonas Bros these are artists that have their limits and are really sucessful. Their music videos are good too as there is no revealing clothing but still good. What about Miley Cyrus you may ask? Well after seeing her video clip for the 'party in the USA' which can only be defined as pathetic and she dresses like a stripper in the clip. Miley has also done various photo shoots in one she only wore a sheet!

If people were more aware of what is happening we wouldn't have this '6 year olds looking (and acting) as teenagers'. I have made my point!

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