Monday, April 5, 2010

Anger Management!

I can get angery over lots of things some little and some not! But when I do I have 2 types of anger the 'not so bad' anger aka being in a grumpy mood and can/will snap out of in about 10 minutes-1 hour and the bad anger aka slaming doors and getting yelled at by parents. The latter is one I really hate! Because of this anger I have broken many things, almost had by door taken off the hinges and screamed into my pillow! I have tried many ways of stopping this anger these include:

  • screaming into my pillow it sort of worked but I found my voice hoarse at the end of each 'session'
  • slamming doors this annoyed my parents alot to point that my dad was threatening to take the door off the hinges.
  • chucking things this is what I am currently useing and after getting yelled at by my dad and breaking: pens, lipbalm lids ect I am figuiring that I need to move onto to more suitible method.

So here are my aims for controlling my anger:

  • Listening to music on my ipod.
  • reading MLIA ( aka ).
  • taking time out aka read a book.
  • taking deep breathes or going for a walk around the block.
  • and praying to go to help me calm down.

I can only hope these new methods will help me cope with my anger I will update this blog post after I tryed these methods!


Amanda said...

I think its great that you recognise that anger is a bad thing. I remember having some very full on angry arguements with my parents too. They usually won. I had a look on the web and found a couple of links that could help alongside what you've put into place. Here they are:

Erin said...

Thank you :) I will check them out when I have time