Sunday, March 7, 2010

Emotions and me!

They say being nervous about something is a good thing but what if it contolled your life and stopped you from doing things? Well in that case it is called anxitity well welcome to my life. I am very nervouse all the time and break down in tears alot about things that are out of my routine ie year 11 camp! The thing is that I can not conroll it many people ask me why can't I contoll my self and the answer is I can't! I just don't know why either! belive me I've tried and so have my parents in yr 7 they took me to phycologist and belive me it didn't help. So I went downward from there it got so bad that I only stayed 1 night at my year 7 camp (yes I was that bad!) and that was just the beginning . . .
Now back to now that was where my problems really began but thankfully I am alot better now but I still have anxitity issues and I hate it! I mean this camp is in what 2 sleeps?? and I am panicking I have lost my appitite and I haven't even started packing yet! I mean it is only 3 nights and last year I stayed with a friend for 4! So what is it about it with camps and me? well I don't know maybe its because it is a completey new situation or I'm not really sure but I can never really pin point it! I mean maybe its because I have Dyspraxia (google it) and because of this I get anxitity and this is because of previous experiances. I hate my emotions its strange but I do I mean who wouldn't if they were like me?! Whoes emotions ruled their life!
Well Please pray for me with this camp please do!

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