Sunday, June 6, 2010

I am a teenage Dyspraxic

For many people they have not had to experience what I have, sure I may look the same and even act the same but I'm not the same oh no I have Dyspraxia which means that I have difficulty with co ordination and various other problems. Sure looking at me I may seem like an average teenage girl but I'm not I have trouble adjusting to things out of routine (like swimming carnivals ect) I also have difficulty catching a ball and doing various other things. I have had to have 2 operations to help me speak properly. From the time I was 2 I went to speech therapy and I only stopped going when I was 13. It first was weekly then fortnightly and so on, my speech therapist became a close friend to me and my mum she helped me alot and looking back at it I realise that for me that was the normal, sure no one else I knew went to one, but it was still normal. My mum thinks that because of me needing to have 2 operations (and doing speech thererapy for so long) I am quite severe and I have to agree with her!
I had to put up with bullying from kids because I couldn't catch a ball and I still put up with bullying. There have been times when I haven't been that aware to me having dyspraxia but it has been there. I hate it when kids bully me.I have recently been bullied because of the way my voice sounds not many kids pick up on it but when they do they make a BIG SHOW OF IT! A person told a teacher that my voice gave her headache when asked to stop bullying me and she said it very LOUDLY it hurt me alot and I felt like crying. I know I will proboly always get bullied but every time its the same, it hurts me.
I have started going on a forum which is for teenage dyspraxics (like me) and I really enjoy it, I have made a few friends on there whom I love to chat too. We disscuss general things but also whats it like to been a teenage dyspraxic and how it affects us without that I know it would be harder than ever to cope!
I would like to one day write a book on what its like being a person with dyspraxia so I can help other dyspraxics just like me!
*this post is dedicated to my 2 friends on the teenage dyspraxics forum Laura19 and Piers1 you guys rock!

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