Saturday, September 10, 2011

A lesson from the Glee Project

I have become hooked on the Glee Project! I mean yes I am a Gleek (guilty as charged) and love Glee ok I am OBESESSED with Glee (helloooo? I have all the DVD's went to see the movie the 2nd night it came out and have all the CD's and listen to them frequently, oh and did I mention? I have (my parents are annoyed about this) managed to turn my sister Megan into a Gleek!) and as it is currently not on, the Glee Project is the next best thing.
I love watching it, I mean these are everyday kids with real talent. Since Cameron left, I have been going for Samuel and as much as I hate/loath dredlocks he can pull them off and makes him look awesome (I would say cute, but he doesn't really suit the word!). So last nights episode each of the final four had to perform to Ryan Murphy (the brains behind Glee) and the main writer (I think he also co produces and directs Glee aswell) and Ryan asked Samuel how he hadn't broke (down) yet or had a hard time on the show. Know I knew Samuel was a Christian (he told the judges last week that he had Jesus tattooed on the back of his neck and a few bible verses also tatooed on him) and this just confirmed it, he confidently told the judges 'Just because I want to be here, doesn't mean that God wants me to be here' I was amazed. I mean I think this rings true to everyone out there that just because we want doesn't mean God wants it for us and he knows best!

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