Monday, October 24, 2016

There's Life After - How you can support a year 12 student facing exams

The final exams are coming up for year 12 students, now while I never did the exam subjects (well I did English) I do know what it's like to live with a year 12 student who is going through them. My youngest sister Jocelyn is currently getting ready to sit her final exams and I know that she can't wait for them to be over! I am amazed at the amount of preasure that the kids face when it comes to these exams they are made to feel like that the results shape their whole lives, when they don't.
ReachOut is encouraging everyone to share their exam experiences and use the #thereslifeafter tag. I know I celebrated once my final exam was done as high school was finally over and I could close the door on that part of my life.
The chances are you will know someone who is getting ready to go through their exams and you are wondering how you can support them, well here are some tips:
  • Give them space! - don't expect to see them during the day unless its for food or for a quick break.
  • Don't talk about how the study is going. - yes ask them if they are surviving it but don't dwell on it, instead ask about their plans for once exams are done focus on beyond the exams.
  • Share with them the Theres Life After videos. - these are great videos that show various media personalities sharing their experiences about what they did after their exams and how they felt during the exam period. Everyone's exam experience is different but it does help to know that other people have gone through it.
  • Do little things to help them. - grab them their favourite snacks, buy them some fun stationary, send them a funny meme etc. its the little things that will help them keep going and make their day.
  • Ask how you can help when it comes to study. - maybe they need space, maybe they need someone to help quiz them on human bio or maybe they need to have a steady supply of snacks coming. Everyone retains information differently so its good ask if there is any way you can help them.
Exams suck but ReachOut is here to help and to show people that there is life after exams (and year 12).

ReachOut is encouraging everyone from the 4th of November to share a pic of themselves (like the one below) sharing what they did (on social media) after exams. It could be what you did the moment you were done with the exams of what you have done since exams have ended. Just remember to include on and use #thereslifeafter tag when you post it.

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