Friday, October 21, 2016

Five Friday Favourites

This week has been busy but not as busy as some, still 100% quiet on the job front though :(
Its meant to be warming up this weekend finally after what feels like an endless Winter (I know I know come Summer when we're in the middle of the heatwave I will do anything to have it be Winter again!). I also had my first breathalyser experience which was interesting, I mean I know they normally pick on P Platers but up until now I have always been ignored. Of course I had nothing to worry about as the only thing I had been drinking was Sprite Zero, so it was a rather uneventful experience and took all of 1 minute, I can now cross that off the driving bucket list!
Moving onto Five Friday Favourites (which happen fortnightly if you haven't figured that out!):

Maybe It's You by Candace Calvert - I received a copy of this book to review and I loved it. Candace knows how to write books and Maybe It's you did not disapoint. Click the link to read the full review and what it's about.

The Handmade Box - I love subscription boxes but it can be hard to stick to an annual subscription when you're unemployed and I find that while I love receiving a box every month I just don't need more stuff (or an ongoing expense). The Handmade Box while it is a subscription box at the start of each month there are a couple of boxes (each based around a theme) and a mini box and you can decide to purchase a box (or boxes) if you want with no long term committment. I love the boxes and the few I have purchased have been well worth it! I love how all the products in the box are handmade and there is always a great selection of products. The Christmas boxes have just been released and with 9 to choose from there's a great selection, I bought the Secret Santa box for myself and the Stocking Box for Jocelyn for Christmas and can't for them to arrive.

Staedtler Noris Club Triangular Colour Fibre Tip Pens 10 Pack - These were a total impulse buy one day when I was at Office Works but I am glad I bought them, I use them for colouring in and find the tips are the perfect size for the small areas that some pictures have. The colours are vibrant and they feel great to use, if you are after a decent texta to use for colouring in buy these.

Cinnamon Scrolls - This is one of my most requested things to bake and no one ever believes me when I tell them how easy they are to bake! You can easily cut down on the time by making the dough in the food processor (just gradually add in the butter until it resembles wet sand then slowly add in the milk until dough forms). I have made these so many times and its gotten to the point where I am known for them in church. When they are baking the smell of the house is seriously amazing and if I am able to I will often bake them at the place where I am serving them because nothing beats them warm. Give them a go and see how easy they are to bake :)

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - This has quite a cult following and once you try it its easy to see why. In one step it removes make up (even the toughest eye make up!), cleanses and soothes the skin, it feels so light to use and its non irritating. I love this stuff so much and its one of those all rounder products that once you start using you will wonder how you lived without it. My skin always feels amazing after using it, I just apply some to a make up remover wipe (once I've used it to wipe my face) and it gets everything the wipe didn't get.

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