Friday, November 11, 2011

Is it to early for a Christmas post?

I can honestly say I love Christmas, I mean its my favourite time of year. But as much as I love the actual day, I love the days leading up to it, I love going into the shopping centres and seeing everything decked out and seeing all the christmas things for sale (there are certain shops that I will avoid all year round but will go into in December just to see the displays) and displays. I love Christmas shopping choosing the perfect gift for someone special (I always start early and am almost finished I only have to buy one more thing and I am done) and wrapping it and placing it under the tree. I love how the persons face lights up once they have unwrapped the gift. I mean Christmas day combines two of my favourite things: Giving and Receiving, I actually think I enjoy giving presents rather than recieving them which is why I always buy things for people just because. I love seeing the house decked out in all the decorations and how it has a different smell and feel to it! Mum and I can never make Christmas small, we always plan everything down to the food. I love listening to Christmas music and can't wait to get out Glee's Christmas album and buy the next one (I mean my favourite show and time of year?!), I swear its all I listen to for 6 weeks leading up to Christmas. I love receiving cards in the mail and putting them up everywhere. But most of all I love celebrating the fact that Jesus was born and that he would eventually save us. Yesterday when I was in the shops I saw a Christmas card that said "Keep Calm Jesus Is Coming" I mean the message is so true, and the fact is that is what we celebrate each year at Christmas that Jesus did come to save us from our sins and he will return again. I honestly want to frame that card, because the message rings true not just at Christmas but for the whole year.

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