Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ball :)

My Ball's this friday :) I can't wait! Everything is organised and ready to go (though yesterday it was a mad dash to the pharmacy to find lipstick), I have been applying tanning cream to my back to hide horrible tan lines and its (slowly) working. I can't believe it almost here!
Yesterday I went and bought my mum and sister a present each to say thankyou for helping me find a dress and what not. My mum is getting a box of chocolates and my sister is getting a notebook and a media pouch (both have butterflys on), I picked up some silver paper and some ribbon the exact same colour as my dress. I intend to give them to them on the morning of my ball as I will be so busy on the afternoon.
So I won't be blogging much this week sorry :) But I will post pics of me in my dress :)

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