Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Saving Vs Spending

I am a shopaholic, its true, I love to shop! The only reason I love my paper round is because it gives me money to go shopping with! Me and saving don't go together, I have a grand total of around $28 and believe I have been trying to save but things come up, like the latest glee cd and a whole lot of other stuff, which is a pain.
But I can save fine if I have a target thats how I got my ipod touch, I didn't spend a cent when I was saving for it, but now I am trying to save for no reason at all, I am struggling ALOT! I have decided to instead aim to keep around $30 in the bank at all times, then increase it to $50 the $70 you get the picture by increasing it slowly I am slowly saving but I also get to spend which is good :) I'll keep you updated with how it goes :)

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