Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Ball is Tomorrow!!!!!!!

My Ball is tomorrow, I can't wait!
It is all everyone is talking about, whats your dress like? Who's limo are you going in? are just some of the questions that people are asking.
I get to leave school at 11.35 (end of 4th period) and I have my hair appointment at 1.00pm. My (younger) sister is doing my make up (she can do it waaay better than me) and everything is sorted. I have no idea what so ever how I will have my hair done but tonight I will have a photo taken in my dress and we will show my hair dresser that and bring the earrings I will be wearing (long dangly crystal ones) so I will just have to hope for the best. I painted my toenails last night and they didn't turn out, the nail polish began to peel so I took it off and I will just have them clear. I can't wait for it and I know it will be a night to remember :)

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Cas Pearson said...

you looked gorgeous! wow, can't believe your little sis did your makeup - she did a GREAT job!