Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Random things :)

I haven't posted for a week, which has been bugging lately alot, as I try to blog at least a few times a week!
Anyway, today my mum had my parent teacher interviews which was a bit nervewrecking for me, I mean they could say all sorts of stuff, like 'I understand that your daughter loves cats but she really didn't need to put a picture of a cat on her latest assignment with the wording "Give me a 100% or the cat will eat you!"', which may I point out I did do I mean hey it was the end of class, I had done my assignment and I had a few minutes to spare so what else could I do (apart from sit there quietly and fyi that would totally be a waste of time in my books!)!? But as it turns out the teachers had nothing bad to say which is good thing, the only weird thing that happened was that it turned out that my english teacher knows my grandma apparently they go to the same evening church service who would've though?! Mum came home really proud which was good and couldn't believe what the teachers were saying about me :)
Any way I have been fighting a cold which has turned into an ashma cough which is annoying as I can't afford to take a day off school because I would miss to much school work.
Hope your week is going good by the way one of my friends has started a blog please go check it out if you have time :)

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