Saturday, May 14, 2011

Not a 'normal' teenage girl

This past week has been easier, though at the same time harder why is it that I can't win?!
I have realised that I need to be honest with myself which I haven't been doing. I also have realised that I am not a 'normal' teenage girl ok I guess I have always know this but it seems to have just come into light recently. So seeing as I feel like writing a list here are some reasons that I am not a 'normal' teenage girl:
  1. I don't read teenagey magzines, I would rather read a cooking magazine that a girly one. You know the ones that are filled with gossip and quizzes like 'which movie matches your life most' and 'what type of guy is perfect for you' which are a load of junk and fyi the quizzes don't work nor are they accurate. I chucked out the few (10 and they're all 2009 issues too) I had today, though I did rip out a few pages and made a nice collage canvas out of them.
  2. I find very few celebrity guys cute or hot (my Dad is probably very happy and proud), the guys from Glee and the Jonas Brothers they are cute (some of the Glee guys are boarder line though). But any other celebrity guy? ICK!!!
  3. I still watch kids show, I mean most of the time they're funny also I can watch without feeling awkward about it when my parents walk in (they always seem to walk in during the only bad part of a tv show or movie why is that?!)
  4. I don't wear alot of makeup. Unless I'm going out somewhere nice or we have people coming over and we are making a big deal of them coming over ie we haven't seen for ages, I won't wear it. I do wear lipgloss though and lip balm on a regular basis but thats it.
  5. I don't go out to parties on a regular basis. Its just something I'm not into.
So there are some of the reasons why I'm not a 'normal' teenage girl and you know what? I like being me and have no desire to change.

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H-Sims said...

'Not so typical christian teenager', seems as though you are, very much a typical and conventional Christian girl.

Your depiction of a 'typical teenage girl' is very much off. Teenage girls do not read these magazines, the targeted audience and main readers, are pre teens. That is those who are 11 and 12. In fact, you can not generalise and stereotype the whole of this demographic. Every teenage girl in there own right, are not a 'typical girl' they are their own self.
So, to be honest, I don't see why you want to put yourself forward and pronounce this, because no body is normal. We are all different in our own right.