Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's Over!

Well it's over! No more school for me, no more homework, no more early mornings and no more school uniform (though I have to wear it a few more times to school events such as graduation etc) and its sad. I am sadder than what I thought I would be and I know its going to feel weird not going to school on Monday and I will miss it (in some twisted way). I know I am ready to move forward though, it just seems like next year will be full of new things: new church, new routine, new places to know and I admit I am looking forward to it, it's just that I'm dreading leaving the old behind.

So whats next for me? Well I am trying to find a job to pay for TAFE next year and have applied to around 7! Heres the thing you would think that if you don't get the job they would tell you well they don't out of the 7 two of them have told me I didn't get the job and that was find but the others haven't! I mean whats the time period of finding out if you will ge the job? Or should they ring you up or contact you to tell you no haven't got the job? Its confusing! Its going to be weird knowing that I'm not a high school student anymore! 

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