Friday, October 14, 2011

Movie Review: Lemonade Mouth

I felt that I should do a movie review and its only fitting that I should a Disney one being the school holidays.
Lemonade Mouth is along the lines of the common Disney teen flick you know the ones Camp Rock, High School Musical, just to name a few. But with a few major differences one they don't break into song randomly (ok they do but thats in a music room so its not in the middle of class which doesn't count) and the other, the music is actually good (and decent), its so good infact I downloaded the album and am loving it!
What do you get when you take 5 kids who find them selves in dentention and have ears for music, all completely different and relateable, a principal who is a jerk, and organic lemonade? You get Lemonade Mouth! This film is great as all the actors are unknown (though you may recognise 2 from small cameos on Disneys Wizards of Waverly Place) and each have real talent. Its hard not to love the charcters. There is a Lemonade Mouth 2 in the works so I am looking forward to see how that turns out.

Who would enjoy it? It you liked Camp Rock and High School Musical  also if you like music.
Genre: Family, musical
Best Bit: When they perform on stage for the first time at the Halloween Bash.
Worst Bit: When they can't perform at a singing contest due to injuries (and sicknesses).
Would I watch it again? Yes I have already watched it 3 times!

I love this film and I highly recommend it!

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