Saturday, October 8, 2011

What we're looking for

I have always been fairly organised (I rarely forget anything) but for some reason I am prone to loosing things! I mean I keep track of things in my head and some things have no set spot, like my phone or iPod so I am consistently misplacing them! Though for some items they have set spots like my craft things (in a create under my bed) and books (on my bedside table or near it, or school bad depending if I'm currently reading the book), so I rarely misplace those unless of course I forget to put them away which does happen (I'm a teenager I get lazy). But when I do loose items, its normally after I stop looking I find them.

This is also the same for when I am shopping for items. For the past few weeks I have been looking for a summer dress to wear places, I looked in just about every shop I could afford (I had birthday money) and had given up hope on ever finding that perfect dress (that suited me and made me feel beautiful), so I gave up and thought to myself I don't need a dress I have heaps of nice dresses (ok one is good for everyday wear but thats beside the point). Well what do you know the day after I gave up looking I found one! It is perfect for me I mean yes I need to wear a camosole under it and it needs to be shortened but I love it!

The way I see it is that we all give up to soon with various things. Sometimes what we're looking for is there, its just hidden.

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