Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Teen Bloggers

I always hate it when people critisise my blog, it drives me mad! I also hate it when I tell people and they give me a look that says 'who would bother reading that' but I know people read my blog, why? Because the amount of times people ask me what I am doing and I say blogging every one of them says I love your blog. Which is always nice to hear!
I don't know many teens who blog though. I mean I read alot of blogs like: Loves of Life and Confessions of a cookbook queen both of which are great blogs, but they are written by adults which I'm not complaining about as they are good reads, but still I can't really relate to them. But today I discovered that one of my friends (who I met while camping) has a blog which I am looking forward to reading more closely later. Reece is a great guy and it turns our mums went to the same bible college! He is also a pastors kid which is great considering he is the first pastors kid whom I get along well with (yes one of my uncles is a pastor and yes I get along very well with my cousins but its not the same as I am related to them! Same goes for my sisters only I am not only related to them but live with them). He is also the first teen who I have met/know who blogs. Here is a link to his blog if you want to check it out which I highly recomend you do!

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