Sunday, January 16, 2011

Holidays :)

These holidays have flown by! I mean in 2 weeks I will back at school which I am looking forward too. I mean this year is my last ever year at school which is exiting but kinda scary at the same time.
Last week me and my family went away down south, which was fun. Every year in the summer holidays we go away, its our annual family holiday and we all look forward to it. We go when there is beach mission on so me and my sisters get to participate in the activities run by them. I am in the oldest group and next year will be my last year unless I be a leader which might happen. The group I was in consisted of teens aged 13-17 and next year my sisters will be in that group. They run one day outing and bible studies at night along with the morning activities which everyone enjoys. After the bible study at night we (the teens) all hung out till around 9.30pm/10.00pm, and we played games and listened to music. I made loads of friends some of whom I had met on previous years and kept in touch with over facebook (thanks to facebook we message each other and share pictures and videos). I also made a few new ones whom I really clicked with. One of the guys I met this year (and clicked with), his parents (who weren't there, he was there with friend whose parents were on the team) knew my parents so he and his family are coming over for a meal soon which I am looking forward too! I really enjoyed this year and didn't want it to end. So here are some high lights of my week:
  • playing Ninjah Destruction (or Ninjah tag) at the play ground.
  • going to the surf beach and swimming and mucking around (this envolved burrying someone in sand and playing Ninjah Destruction).
  • Going to the point on the last night and seeing all the pretty stars o.o
  • Going on the day trip though I got burnt a bit on my back it was so much fun!
  • Creating such good friends and painting shirts.
  • watching the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy

I have loved this past week but I am a little bit happy to be home :)

Oh and Happy 100th post to me! I know it is one post late but a big thank you for all who read this blog!

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